- per person

Healey Dell Classic Blend
A classic blend of black teas with an added hint of exotic teas, dark, strong and malty. This delicious tea has been inspired by the early tea blends of the 1900's.
Queen's Tea
Made from a blend of black tea, green tea and jasmine tea. A slightly fragrant, relaxing tea that is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.
Earl Grey
One of the world's most famous teas - a traditional recipe of black tea infused with natural oil of bergamot giving a light, slightly smoky and zesty flavour.
Pure Phulbari Assam, a rich black tea with a robust flavour sourced from a single estate in the Assam Valley, India.
Dark Kenya
From Kenya's ideal tea-growing, volcanic soil. This is a dark, black pekoe tea with an earthy flavour and a light body.
From Western Bengal. Ad superb example of this delightfully refreshing brew. Thin-bodied, light-coloured with a floral aroma.
Peppermint Tea (Herbal Tea)
Internationally famed for its health and digestive benefits. Produced from rubbed peppermint leaves An aromatic, cooling, caffeine free tea - perfect after a meal..
Samovar Orange Spice (Fruit Tea)
Based on a traditional Russian tea recipe. Warm, zesty and spicy, this orange loose tea has distinctive flavours of cinnamon and ginger. An authentic Samovar experience.
Green (China) Tea
Made from the leaves of Camilla Sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation. A superbexample of this health-giving and most refreshing tea.
Your choice of black, lemon, milks or cream  

A Cafétiere of Coffee for one
Enjoy a cafétiere of our finest coffee. Priced per person.
Delicious Flavoured Coffees
Served in a tall coffee glass. Select from: Chocolate, Gingerbread, Caramel, Hazelnut or Vanilla.
Coffee & Cream
A tall glass of coffee topped with lashings of cream.
Belgian Hot Chocolate
Probably the best tasting hot chocolate ever! A rich and velvety drink with a minimum of 33% cocoa sourced from the Ivory Coast. Made with fresh milk!
Hot Spiced Apple Drink with Cinnamon
A perfect beverage for the Autumn & Winter... A scrumptious hot spicy Apple drink with a cinnamon stick to impart all those delicious winter flavours.
apple drink£2.50
Old Fashioned Lemonade
A thirst quenching glass of old fashioned lemonade made with real lemons.
Traditional Vintage Ginger Beer
Real, cloudy, old-fashioned and full of real ginger pieces, brewed to a genuine vintage recipe.
Various canned drinks..
Retro Milk Shake
A glass of fresh chilled milk-shake made in the old-fashioned way (not thick), various flavours.
Ice Dream Milk Shake
Like Ice Cream? Like Milk Shake? You will LOVE our Ice Dream Shakes!... Double cream ice cream (made with locally sourced products and real double cream) blended into a heavily, ice-cold shake! Choose from: Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chip or Bubblegum. Topped with lashings of cream!!!!
A glass of fresh, chilled milk.
Double-Cream Ice Cream Desserts

Luxury Ice Cream made using locally sourced ingredients and with Double Cream. Select from any of the following flavours: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Mint Choc Chip Or Bubblegum

Ice Cream Regular:

Ice Cream Large (choose any two of the above flavours or a generous portion of your single favourite £3.50
Your choice of black, lemon, milks or cream with tea/coffee  

Fruit Scones
1) A large, warm fruit scone served with best butter and delicious jam.
2) A large, warm fruit scone served with best butter, jam and fresh Devonshire clotted cream. £3.20
Luxury Cakes & Dainties
Please ask your waiter / waitress for the days special selection of cakes.
Traditional Cream Tea for One
Choose from our fine selection of loose-leaf teas (or a cafeteria of coffee) served with a warm fruit scone with real Devonshire clotted cream, delicious jam, and best butter. Enjoy your tea as you like it - either with or without milk, honey or sliced fresh lemon.
Full Afternoon Tea for Two (Special Offer)
Selection of freshly cut sandwiches, large fruit scones, Devonshire clotted cream, preserves, selection of dainty cakes, a china pot of fresh-leaf tea or fresh coffee. All beautifully presented on a 3 tier cake stand alongside vintage bone-china crockery.


taj mahal

To-date, our most luxurious, and completely unique afternoon tea with flavours that hark back to the glorious days of the Raj!

An exceptional Afternoon Tea for two people includes that comprises of a bone-china three tier cake stand brimming with:

1st tier: a generous selection of freshly cut finger sandwiches containing Indian and Raj-style fillings. Mini Bhajis with small pots of Indian-style onions, mango chutney and home-made, fresh mint raita.

2nd tier: large fruit scones, preserves, real Devonshire clotted cream (unlimited - Yes if you require more cream, preserves or butter - Just ask)

3rd tier: a selection of dlicious pastries and, a selection of Petit-Fours.

Also included is a pot of fresh loose-leaf, own-blend Indian tea or a cafetiere of Indian-style coffee per person.

The pure edible gold adorning the chocolates is approved by the European Union as a food additive and is suitable for religious groups, vegetarians and vegans.

Please note that all of our Afternoon Teas need to be pre-booked at least 24 hours in advance.


per couple

Two rounds of hot toast served with best butter.
Cheese on Toast Plus
Mature Vintage Cheddar Cheese melted onto thick-cut, toasted bloomer, dusted with paprika and presented with a fresh garden salad garnish £2.95
Two delicious hot crumpets served with a dish of best butter.
Hot Toasted Teacake
Served with best butter.
Fresh Sandwiches
Select from a choice of extra special sandwiches. All sandwiches contain the finest ingredients and include salad garnish and are made to order. Please see backboard.
Early Bird Bacon Toastie
A generous portion of American-style Bacon rashers served on our inimitable fresh toasted doorstep bread. Served with a cup of tea or coffee (black or white) (Only Available until 12 Noon!)
HDHC Club Sandwich
Three slices of lightly toasted fresh bread, succulent Chicken breast, American-style Bacon rashers, delicious tomato & lettuce, real Mayonnaise… A meal in itself!
Hot Soup
Fresh soup of the day served with chunks of crusty bread and a pot of best butter.
Soup & Sandwich Special
Soup of the day served piping hot with your choice of freshly cut sandwiches: Beef, Vintage Cheddar, Tuna Mayo, Ham or Egg Mayo.
Ploughmans Plus
Our special Ploughman's Lunch (served all day) includes two generous wedges of assorted cheeses, one of our delicious patés, doorstops of fresh crusty bread, pickled onions, Branston pickle, salad garnish and a dish of best butter.


NUT ALLERGY: Please note that all of our products may contain nuts.